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       Project Testimonials

Ford Field, Detroit, Mi

Ford Field has outfitted all of is restrooms, both public and private with enMotion® dispensers.  Since the installation of the dispensers, numerous customers have written to compliment the facility on its clean restrooms and overall upscale image.  Fisher believes this is a result of the contributions the enMotion® dispenser has had on overall facility image enhancement.  “The enMotion® product saves us money…and it provides customers with a clean sanitary drying experience,” claims Fisher.  “It is important from a clean-up standpoint and a financial standpoint – it is in all of our stadium restrooms.”

Fisher has found that not only has it reduced waste, but it has sped up patron time in the restroom as well.

“We are proud to carry the enMotion® products in all of our restrooms, public and private.  We’re pleased with the service and satisfaction the enMotion® products have provided us.”

–Earle W. Fisher,

Director of Marketing Partnerships Ford Field


The Palace, Detroit, Mi

The Palace at Auburn Hills in Detroit is a premium indoor entertainment venue that is home to multiple entertainment and sporting events, including NBA basketball and Arena League football.  As the Director of Housekeeping for Palace Sports Entertainment, John Pajak is responsible for coordinating everything that enhances and affects the customer experience.

The Palace purchased 70 enMotion® touchless towel dispensers and installed them in each of the washrooms at the facility.  In a very short time, Pajak found that time spent on labor and maintenance was greatly reduced.  The Palace also recognized other enMotion® dispenser benefits, such as industry-leading reliability, durability, and unique features such as a stub roll fo maximum towel storage, and a clear-view panel for easy replacement monitoring.  The results of the enMotion® installations were immediate and impressive, with more than 20 percent savings in paper realized for The Palace to date.

“With any high capacity venue, you are often dealing with many people.  What we’ve noticed since the installation of the enMotion® dispensers, is that the patrons tend to notice the more upscale image of the restroom.  In addition, because our attendants do not have to spend extra time servicing the dispensers, they can focus more of their time providing customer service to the patron.  Basically, everybody wins.”

–John Pajak

Palace Sports Entertainment



Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Fl

Image and aesthetics were very important considerations for the owners and managers of the Miami Beach Convention Center. "We host a number of very high profile events each year, many with international attendees," explained Facilities Supervisor Angelo Grande. "It's important that every aspect of the Convention Center experience be world class."

This 1.2-million-square-foot facility installed 140 enMotion® Recessed Automated Towel Dispensers in its 46 restrooms in 2006. "There were several design elements that impressed us when we first saw enMotion®," noted Angelo. "We liked the stainless steel finish, the recessed feature and the fact that the system was versatile enough to be installed wherever it was needed." The Convention Center also liked the results that  enMotion® delivered. "Functionality and reliability is very important to us, but so is operating efficiency. With the enMotion® dispensers, we've seen a 20% reduction in average overall towel usage."

–Angelo Grande

Miami Beach Convention Center



GP Commercial Group Leads at Medical Facilities

Georgia-Pacific's commercial products group is a leading supplier to the healthcare industry, offering innovative products like enMotion® that reduce cross-contamination and waste. Recently, the group was recognized for market share growth in the medical and surgical field, and the commercial team says they got there by responding to input from distributors.

The recognition came from Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), a trading company that connects manufacturers with healthcare providers. The company presented 28 awards in 35 categories during the Health Industry Distributors Association's (HIDA) national conference. GP received the Best in Class award for leading in medical and surgical product sales, innovation and customer satisfaction.

According to GSX's research, GP experienced year-over-year improvement in the healthcare industry, increasing market share by about 10% between 2005 and 2006. This put GP at the top of the list of manufacturers in the metal, plastics and paper products supply category.

"GP's growth in the healthcare industry is stimulated by innovative products, a strong sales force and great customer service," said Joe Sandora, Director of Healthcare Sales for Georgia-Pacific. "In the past year, the commercial group has focused on growing its presence in acute care and alternative care facilities." Acute care facilities include hospitals, while alternative care facilities include nursing homes and emergency care centers.

Sandora said GP sales in the medical field increased when distributors asked for a line of products that not only reduced cross-contamination and waste, but also reduced costs for customers. With enMotion® as the core product, the commercial group developed a healthcare line that features Pacific Garden® soap and air freshener dispensers, Soft n Fresh® healthcare wipers, the Compact® bath tissue dispenser and the Safe-T-Guard door handle system.

"enMotion's patented touchless technology already sets GP apart from the competition," Sandora said. "By adding these other innovations, we're offering a comprehensive line of products that meet our customer's needs."

According to the commercial group, GP is the leading paper products provider in the healthcare industry, followed by Kimberly Clark and SCA.



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