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Critical information and assistance during the design stage
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We deliver washroom system
solutions from the ground up

Georgia-Pacific (GPP) Professional invites you to investigate BlueConnect, an exciting program that will provide you—project owners, general contractors, architects/specifiers and developers—critical information and assistance during the design stage of Class-A buildings; educational, food service, and medical facilities; stadiums and sports arenas; and other places of business.

Through its alliance, the GPP team delivers experience, expertise, and
building solutions to you, so you can deliver buildings of impeccable
quality and distinction to your customers. We offer you the most
innovative yet cost-effective comprehensive washroom system
solutions on the market today. Through better washroom hygenic
dispensing solutions, you create an image of excellence for you and
your customer’s customers.

We deliver the “partnership” approach

Your partnership with GPP’s BlueConnect begins during the design
stage of your facility. By starting early in the process, you can make
informed choices for your washrooms at the right time. We will assist
you in selecting the finest washroom systems, dispensers and other
products available so your building will best meet the needs of your
customers and your customer’s customers.
Once you select the right washroom system for your unique facility and
market, GPP representatives will ensure you have what you need,
where you need it, when you need it. After installation of your 
washroom system, our representatives continue to service
your account through inspections, dispenser modification and/or
exchange, and product replenishment. With GPP’s service program, you
can streamline your operation, reduce your daily operation costs, and
enjoy time to focus on the rest of your business.


We deliver the products

GPP makes more tissue—including paper towels, bath tissue, napkins
and facial tissue—than anyone else in the world. We sell both branded
and private-label products in retail and commercial markets across
North America—and around the globe. Our manufacturing capabilities,
along with the broad geographic scope of our operations, provide the
foundation for strategic relationships with major multinational retailers
and leading tissue product distributors. In this country and abroad, our
leading market positions provide a solid platform for future growth.
Our array of quality systems, product innovations and products includes
towels, tissues, napkins, soap dispensing systems, air freshener
systems, and electronic touch-less dispensers.

We deliver systems for a lifetime

Our Dispenser Solutions for a Lifetime (DSL) program offers our
customers 100% satisfaction on one of the finest washroom systems
in the industry. GPP’s controlled systems dispensers have a lifetime
warranty on all parts and workmanship as long as you use the
corresponding Georgia-Pacific products with them.
Think about it once, and enjoy never having to think about it again.
Certain restrictions apply.


We deliver the business-wise approach

Economic Value Added, or EVA®, is a business concept trademarked by
Stern Stewart & Co. Defined as “the financial performance measure that
comes closer than any other to capturing the true economic profit of an
enterprise,” EVA, unlike many other measures, takes into account the
cost(s) associated with a business’s capital investment to determine an
organization’s real profit.
This means each element in your washroom system must perform at
optimal levels otherwise your profits will be diminished. We are so sure
of our services and product line, we are convinced that doing business
with GPP will positively boost your company’s EVA.

We deliver the environmentally
sensitive approach

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), source
reduction—also known as waste prevention—consists of activities
designed to reduce the volume or toxicity of waste generated. Nowhere
is this more important, or easier to achieve, than in a building’s
GPP’s BlueConnect views source reduction as a logical and proactive
way to save money and natural resources. To support the construction
of environmentally healthy places to live and work, Georgia-Pacific:
→ Designs, develops and produces products that require the least
amount of paper and electricity consumption possible
→ Routinely conducts Life Cycle Inventory Analyses to ensure our
product line is environmentally sensitive and responsible
→ Actively participates in LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental
Design) Green Building Rating System®
→ As members, corporately supports the U.S. Green Building Council
and its vision for constructing greener buildings

We deliver to you

When you select a GPP dispenser system and GPP products for your building, we deliver quality and innovative products through our nationwide distribution network. We also have reliable account representatives who deliver ongoing account maintenance and technical support for as long as you own our products.




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